The digital age agency

Communication. Strategy. Digital.


16-30's behave, purchase and livedifferently.

KakeCo (cake-co) is a communication agency specialising in helping brands to better understand the digital age.

We support organisations to modernise, adapt and grow to meet the demands and take advantage of the opportunities surrounding a marketplace driven by new technology, ideas and instant iteration. 

KakeCo lives, breathes and 'is' the digital generation. We're not an agency made up of "social media guru's" but digital natives. 

We're the crazy ones who don't shy away from asking difficult questions. Our team is talented, result driven and always learning. Although we can be described as disruptors we always recognise the importance of managing cost, risk and maximising resource.





“A deep understanding of the digital age landscape supported by ideas in abundance. Never afraid to challenge and always with an infectious energy of optimism.” 

Chief Executive Officer, Archant Ltd


“ and ideas in abundance...comfortable asking the difficult questions, challenging ways of thinking whilst always taking an entrepreneurial perspective. ”

Chief Executive Officer, CaxtonFX Ltd


“...enthusiastic and eager to get things moving without being tied down with conventional restraints... it is like holding a tiger by the tail whilst working alongside him [Kieran]...”

National Vice Chair, Federation of Small Businesses